1) Does BidFellow works on Mac or Linux? If not, is there any plans to support other systems than Windows?

No, BidFellow does not work on other operating system than Windows. Right now there is no plan to support others platforms because BidFellow is built using Microsoft (.NET) technologies, and portability is not one of the features of it. As alternative you can use a virtual machine software like VirtualBox to run Windows applications on a Mac - and it is free.

2) I just downloaded the trial and I would like to test it, but every control is disabled and the program is asking for activation?

A) That is the normal behavior, you do not need any activation key for trial mode. Just ignore the activation message and select a site from the list at top left. Then you will be able to hit the button "Start" and begin the auction process.

3) What means the message "Current auction activity not allowed"? It is keeping me from placing bids.

A) It means you have the rule called "Auction activity" enabled. Please go to tab Rules and uncheck the last option if you want to disable it.

4) Why do I get Timeouts sometimes when placing bids?

A) Many causes are possible. The most common are:

1) A temporary interruption on your internet connection. Please avoid using wireless networks with BidFellow to minimize this effect.
2) A temporary problem on the site you are playing on, keeping it from receiving bids from players. If the auction ended exactly when you got the timeout, it is very probably this is the problem, because nobody else could bid either, so the last bidder won.
3) The time set to bid is too low. Keep in mind most sites use cycles of 1000ms in their scripts to "get" data from their server. This means everything you see on your browser (or BidFellow), may happened 1 second ago. This can be proof by opening many tabs of your browser in the same auction: you will notice the timers are not fully synchronized, some may be one second delayed (or the others are ahead). So, to have a "safe" setting, calculate your timing like this: 1000ms + *your typical delay*. That's why it is very dangerous to set BidFellow to bid bellow 1s.

If you ALWAYS get timeout, it means something is wrong with BidFellow script. Please email us about that. While we do not release a update to fix it, you can still bid by enabling the option "Manual mouse click mode", on Settings tab. With this setting on, BidFellow will move your mouse pointer right on the bid button.

5) Can I play on multiple auctions at the same time?

Yes. If you are playing on multiple auctions on the same site, use the button "New window". If you are playing on different sites, just run another BidFellow from your Windows start menu.

6) I bought a license but I did not receive an email with the key yet?

Please check your spam folder first. If it's not there, please visit this page http://www.bidfellow.com/resend_key.aspx. If you still can't get your key, please email us as soon as possible.

7) How can I backup/restore my BidFellow statistics data if I am going to format my computer?

Backup this file: C:\Users\[YourUser]\AppData\Local\BidFellow\bidfellow.db3

8) I get the following error when trying to install a new version of BidFellow: "An error occurred while trying to replace the existing file. Delete file failed. Code 5. Access Denied."

This means you are trying to install BidFellow while the old version is still running. Please close the program and run the setup again.